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Athlete’s Foot and Oil of Oregano

The most common fungal infection affecting us is athlete’s foot. It appears as a rash on the skin of the foot. This disease is classified into three types, each affecting different parts of the foot.

Types of Athlete’s Foot
The first type of athlete’s foot is the chronic interdigital athlete’s foot. This is the most common of this disease. It affects the 4th and 5th toes where scaling, maceration and fissures will be present.

athlete's footThe second type is the chronic scaly athlete’s foot or the moccasin type. It appears as a dry scaling on the sole of the foot. The scale is silvery and very fine. Underneath it, the skin is typically very tender and pink in color. It is commonly associated with fungal nail infections.

The third type is the acute vesicular athlete’s foot. This type is not very common. People who are prone to this disease are those who have chronic interdigital toe web infection. It typically shows as a sudden appearance of painful blisters on the sole or top of the foot. The blisters are the allergic reactions to the fungus.

Cause of Athlete’s Foot
Fungal infection is basically the cause of athlete’s foot. The fungus infects and grows on or in the top layer of the skin. The basic character of fungi is to seek warm and wet places to grow and live. Some fungal species that cause athlete’s foot are trichophyton mentagrophytes and trichophyton rubrum. The fungal infection spreads very quickly. If you touch a person who is infected with it, the fungus can easily transfer to your skin.

But the common way athlete’s foot is spread is by walking barefoot on contaminated places. These could be in swimming pools or in locker rooms. Then, when you put on your shoes, the fungus will have a place to grow. You will be quickly infected, especially if your shoes are tight and you don’t have enough air circulating in it. Some people are easily affected by athlete’s foot while others are not. The thing is: if you are infected with it, and have recovered, you can very easily get it again. So being careful will do you a lot of good.

oil of oregano
The Role of Oil of Oregano in Treating Athlete’s Foot
Oil of oregano is a very well known antifungal agent. Many studies have confirmed the presence of powerful substances that can stop and inhibit the growth of many type of fungus. It does not only have a toxic effect in many types of fungi but in other harmful microbes as well. These include bacteria, viruses and parasites.

This oil is sourced from the wild oregano plant found in the Mediterranean countries of Turkey, Greece and Portugal. It contains powerful substances including carvacrol and thymol which can kill all types of microbes that pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics can’t kill. It is more advantageous to use because it does not leave any adverse side effects.

Oregano oil has been found to stop and inhibit the spread of dermatophytes, the types of fungi that cause athlete’s foot. In treating this condition follow the guidelines stated below.

• Apply oil of oregano to the affected areas on your feet and toes. Do this 2 or 3 times a day until the condition clears up. If you want to get results faster, take 2 to 5 drops of the essential oil under your tongue. Athlete’s foot may take time to heal and it may take weeks depending on the seriousness of your condition. Therefore keep it up until you are healed.
• To avoid getting athlete’s foot, always apply oregano oil on your toes and feet whenever you are using the swimming pool, or walking barefoot in public showers and bathroom floors. Dermatophytes thrive well in sugar, therefore if you will cut your sugar intake while being treated, they will be deprived of their food.

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