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 The Benefits of Oregano Oil


Can Oil of Oregano Improve Arthritis?

The high potency of oregano oil’s active substances can definitely give relief to those who are suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a painful chronic musculoskeletal condition that is accompanied by extreme pain, inflammation and stiffness of joint.

The ability of oregano oil to penetrate deeply into the skin and reach the joints can bring relief to those suffering from this disease. The wild oregano plant has been used by the ancient Greeks for treating various ailments ranging from simple skin diseases to digestive and respiratory disorders. They used the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare, found in their hilltops. It is not the common oregano, Oreganum marjoram which is used as food spice.

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The modern way is by using the oil of oregano that comes from the leaves of the wild oregano plant. This essential oil is produced by crushing the leaves of the plant and extracting the oil by cold process. No heat is involved in the extraction process so as not to reduce the potency of the substance. Laboratory studies made by several universities in the United States have already identified the substances in the oil that gives it its high potency. These active agents are called carvacrol and thymol. Laboratory experiments made by these same universities showed that these two substances are effective in killing bacteria, parasites and fungi. It was also found that the microorganisms were not able to develop resistance against this essential oil.

Ability to Activate HSP
A recent study also showed that carvacrol has the ability to activate HSP through the regulatory T cells and prevent artificially induced autoimmune arthritis. Your T cells are the ones that regulate your tolerance to high stress. They do this by activating your natural anti-inflammatory defense system known as heat shock proteins (HSP). The experiments proved that carvacrol can increase the responses of the T cells against self-stress protein and reduce the inflammation. The scientists concluded that oregano oil, through carvacrol, have completely suppressed the self-induced joint damage.

A published article in Phytotherapy research stated that oil of oregano is as effective as morphine when used as a pain killer. This is due to the oil’s ability to deeply penetrate the skin down to the synovial fluid in the joints. It even surpassed the ability of conventional drugs to reverse pain and inflammation.

Increases Joints and Muscle Flexibility
Since oregano oil can be used either internally or externally, it will help in increasing your joints and muscle flexibility. Inflammation happens in the affected joints and it is caused by infections and other diseases that affect the joints and the tendons. Using oregano oil will stop these other diseases and when the inflammation is gone, you will regain your muscle and joint flexibility.

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Dosage and Application

a) For external application – mix 1 drop of oregano oil with 5 drops of virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Generously apply this mixture in the affected joints as often as needed. You can also relieve yourself from pains caused by sore muscles, cramps and other inflammatory problems by using this method. Oil of oregano is very active therefore if your skin is sensitive, you need to do a patch test first before applying it in large skin areas.

b) For internal usage – add 2 drops of oregano oil to one glass of water or fruit juice. To avoid irritation of your mucuous membrane, drink it in capsule form. Follow the instructions indicated in the bottle. You can improve the efficacy of this method by drinking extra fluid when taking the oil internally. It is not advisable to take this oil continuously for more than 6 weeks. You could reduce your body’s ability to absorb the oil. If you think you need to continue, pause for at least 2 weeks before resuming the treatment.

Due to the high potency of oregano oil, you have to seek the counsel of your health provider especially if you are under a medical condition and if you will take it for an extended period of time. There are also some variations of this product that can be harmful to your liver and kidneys therefore you need to get the advice of your doctor as to the right type of oregano oil that will be safe for you to take. The highly active ingredients in oregano oil may also be harmful to pregnant and nursing women.

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