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 The Benefits of Oregano Oil


Oil of Oregano and Earache

Oil of oregano is a natural healing substance that has already been tested and proven as an effective treatment for many different kinds of diseases. This essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare, that is indigenous to the Mediterranean mountain regions.

The leaves are harvested only when the plant is flowering. This is the time when the content of essential oil is at its highest. The wild oregano plant is the best sources of oregano oil because it's grown in soils rich in minerals and not tainted with chemical pesticides and fertilizers. It is just grown naturally without using synthetic chemical products.

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The Potent Substances in Oregano Oil
There are many powerful chemical compounds contained in this essential oil that can kill harmful microbes. But its two main active ingredients are carvacrol and thymol. These two act synergistically to stop the growth of all types of pathogens. Cass Ingram, in his book “The Cure is in the Cupboard”, says that these two active ingredients “packs a double punch in antiseptic power" and explains why it is so potent when taken internally.

There is also a long list of minerals in oregano oil, including potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, boron and copper. This essential oil also has  significant amounts of vitamins A (beta-carotene) C and niacin.

Oil of Oregano Is Effective Against All Types of Diseases
With all of these nutrients and phenols in this essential oil, it can truly be used to treat many types of illness. We are actually just continuing the practice of the early Greeks, who used the wild oregano plant to treat their common ailments, such as respiratory, digestive and skin disorders.

With our modern technological advancements, instead of eating the plant, we have found a way to extract the essential oil from the leaves and use them for treating disease. Modern researchers and scientists have found that we can extend the use of oregano oil to the treatment of many ailments caused by fungi, parasites, viruses and bacteria.

Oregano Oil, an Effective Pain Killer
A research study published by Phytotherapy Research described how this essential oil was able to supersede the ability of anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing inflammation and pain. The report said that oregano oil’s pain killing ability is nearly as powerful as morphine.

In this context, it is just proper to cite the book “Herbal Reneissance”, written by Steven Foster. The author referred to this essential oil when he wrote: “having been employed to treat indigestion, diarrhea, nervous tension, insect bites, toothache, earache…….”  Indeed, one of the beneficial properties of oil of oregano is its ability to reduce pain and that includes pain resulting from earache.

Oil of Oregano for Earache
Some of the causes of earache are allergies, infection, poking too deep inside the ear with a cotton swab, being exposed too long to an extremely loud noise, wax build-up in the ear or foreign objects lodging inside the ear. A variety of treatments are usually applied to relieve the ache but it is important to first determine the real cause of the pain.

One big advantage of oregano oil is its ability to act in different ways. It can fight infections caused by harmful microbes, it can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent and it can act as a powerful pain killer. Since oil of oregano can function in so many ways, it can definitely reduce earache, no matter what caused it.

Using Oregano Oil to Treat Earache
Medical practitioners do not recommend the long term use of pain relievers because of their adverse side effects, which sometimes include renal failure. The use of oil of oregano is a better alternative because its pain killing abilities are proven and it has no known side effects.

Here is how this essential oil can be used to alleviate the pain caused by earache.

• Mix two tablespoons of oregano oil with two tablespoons of extra virgin oil and put them in a dropper.
• Get a cotton ball and apply 3 drops of this mixture.
• Rub this cotton ball on your outer ear. Also, wipe it underneath the crevices of the ear as well as the crevice behind your ear. Throw the used cotton ball away.
• Get another cotton ball and put another 3 drops of the oil mixture on it, making sure that the cotton ball is not overly saturated with the oil. To avoid oil wastage, drop the oil at the center of the cotton ball and not on its edges. It will be better at this stage to use smaller cotton balls so that they will be just right for the size for your ear opening.
• Place the cotton ball with the oil mixture at the entrance of your ear. Don’t let it go inside your ear canal but just at the opening. Let it stay there for the next three hours.
• Remove the cotton ball after three hours and apply another 3 drops of the oil mixture to it and rub your outer ear with it.
• Get another cotton ball of the same size and put 3 drops of the oil mixture and put it at the entrance of your ear.
• Continue repeating this process until your earache is gone.

You can also alleviate your earache by using oregano oil as an aromatherapy. There are medical practitioners who believe that inhaling the essence of oil of oregano can have the same effect as using morphine as a pain killer. In this regard, you can apply 10 drops of oregano oil in an essential oil diffuser and light a candle. Refill the diffuser as needed to ease the pain.

Additional Considerations
You must also understand some things about oregano oil.

• This product contains strong and powerful substances therefore you should only take it in proper doses.
• This essential oil helps to thin blood therefore if you are taking blood thinning medications, you should consult your doctor first before using it.
• It is also a wise practice to dilute this essential oil with virgin olive oil before using it. The usual ratio is one part of olive oil to one part of oregano oil.

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