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Oil of Oregano for Post Nasal Drip

There are many causes of respiratory problems. Some of these are constant inhalation of polluted air, microbe infection or pneumococci, asbestosis and sarcoidosis.

One of the early signs of these respiratory problems is post nasal drip. PND occurs when there is too much production of mucus in your respiratory system especially in your nasal passages. Since oil of oregano is a proven antimicrobial agent, it can be used effectively for preventing and controlling post nasal drip. Aside from its capacity to kill pathogens, it can also prevent inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

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The healing powers of this essential oil were not widely known in the early 1990s, although its source, the wild oregano plant Origanum vulgare, has been used for thousands of years as a healing aid. However, research done in George Brown University and Cornell University in the United States have proved that oil of oregano has the ability to treat diseases caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites. It was even found that when oregano oil was used for treatment, microbes that are resistant to pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics were not able to survive.

Studies done on oregano oil confirmed the presence of significant amounts of phenols such as carvacrol and thymol. These two chemical compounds are responsible for oreganol’s ability to kill pathogens. This essential oil also contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help boost the immune system. Considering all of these properties, it can be very effective in treating respiratory problems including post nasal drip.

Recently, an epidemic of respiratory problems in America was traced to one particular germ, the mould fungus. The biggest source of this type of fungus is contaminated or polluted air. Polluted air can irritate and damage our lungs and bronchial tubes. The condition will worsen if the fungus gets inside our blood and our organs. This is where oil of oregano’s ability to kill fungus will benefit us. In a study conducted by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) on the antioxidant power of foods and spices, it was found that oil of oregano is 3 to 20 times more powerful as a germicide than all of the food and spices they tested.

To be effective, the essential oil from the wild oregano plant must be used. There are many brands of oil of oregano being sold in the market today. It is recommended that we buy the products that were sourced from the plant that grows in Mediterranean countries like Greece, Portugal and Turkey. The oil extracted from them is the best oregano oil because they have the right combination of soil minerals and climate conditions that produce the many potent substances contained in the oil.

There are two ways you can use oil of oregano in controlling and stopping your post nasal drip. You can take it internally or you can use an oregano oil nasal spray. If you want to facilitate your healing, you can do both. Mix two to three drops of oil of oregano with your glass of water or juice. Drink this mixture every day. You should notice an improvement in your condition within three to five days. There is also an oreganol nasal spray which is an all-natural product that can cleanse and improve your nasal membranes and sinuses. All you have to do is insert the nozzle into your nostril and squeeze the bottle. You will feel a slight stinging sensation but this will cleanse and unblock your nasal passages.

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