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 The Benefits of Oregano Oil


Oil Of Oregano Side Effects

The wild oregano plant is the source of oil of oregano. This plant has leaves that are both flavorful and medicinal. The essential oil is actually extracted from the leaves of the plant.

This oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties because of the potent substances it contains. Thymol is one of the active ingredients of oregano oil and it has the potential of being toxic at high doses.

This essential oil can be useful in many ways, as long as it is properly used. It contains very active chemicals that can kill bacteria, fungus and parasites. Oil of oregano is a natural organic product therefore our bodies should be able to process it easily. However, its anti-microbial properties can work against you if you take it improperly. The presence of active agents that can kill pathogens should be a clue to us that we should handle it carefully, not carelessly.

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Side Effects Of Oregano Oil
It is true that oregano oil is a very valuable substance that can be effectively used as an alternative medicine. But we need to understand that it also has some negative side effects. Here then are some of the adverse side effects of oil of oregano that you need to be aware of and how you can mitigate them.

1) Burning sensation – when directly applied to the skin, you will feel a burning sensation especially when it is applied in the genital area and in your mucous membranes.  You can avoid this by diluting oreganol with olive oil or coconut oil.

2) Warm tingling sensation in the mouth when taken orally – the typical oral dosage is 2 to 4 drops of oregano oil. If this happens, just take the minimum dosage.

3) Upset stomach – if the oil is not properly diluted, you will suffer stomach troubles. Instead of using 100% oreganol, dilute it with virgin olive oil or coconut oil. There is also oregano oil mixed with other edible oils that you can buy. You can also take oil of oregano capsules if you encounter this problem.

4) Allergies – if you are allergic to thyme, marjoram, oregano or similar plants, you need to avoid oregano oil.

5) Oil of oregano may inhibit the absorption of iron – therefore if you are taking iron supplements, seek the advice of your doctor before taking oil of oregano.

6) You can experience vomiting if you take it internally.

7) It may also cause rashes on your skin if taken internally.

8) It may lead to toxicity, if you take it in very large doses.

9) If you take undiluted oregano oil you may experience difficulty in breathing, speaking and swallowing.

10) Die-Off Symptoms – as oreganol kills the harmful microorganisms inside your body, you may experience headache, nausea, dizziness or fatigue caused by the liver releasing the dead pathogens. If you drink plenty of water along with the oregano oil, you can minimize these effects.

10) Oil of oregano can adversely interact with other medications – there is a report that says oregano oil has anticoagulant properties. It suggests that if this oil is combined with anticoagulant medication, it could increase the effects of the medication more than is required. Similar results were found when this oil was used with anti-diabetic medications, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. However, more studies are needed to document the dangers of such interactions.

11) Oregano oil is possibly unsafe if taken orally and in medicinal amounts during pregnancy. There is a possibility of miscarriage if large dosages of this oil are taken at this stage.

12) This oil is also not recommended for nursing mothers. There are no studies yet regarding its safety for this condition.

Here are some guidelines you can follow in order to avoid experiencing the negative side effects of oregano oil.

1) If you are applying oil of oregano topically, always dilute it with virgin olive oil or coconut oil. This will soften the effects of the oil and lessen the burning sensation.
2) If you are taking it internally, always start small to give your body time to adjust. Then work up the dosage slowly until you reach your recommended dosage. Don’t forget to drink enough water along with the dose. This will help flush out the toxins that are released to kill the pathogens.
3) With regards to children – caution should be taken when using oregano oil. Don’t let them swallow any amount of oil of oregano. Always follow the advice of your health provider in preparing a treatment using oregano oil. Topical application is the safest treatment for children.

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