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Oreganol P73

What You Need To Know About Oreganol P73

You may be wondering if there’s any difference between regular oregano oil and Oreganol P73. Both have the same basic substance, oil of oregano, but the latter is the name of a special formulation of the same oil that is produced by North American Herb & Spice.

How Is It Different From Standard Oil Of Oregano?
The quality of Oreganol P73 is higher than regular oregano oil. Initially, the essential oil is extracted from the crushed leaves of the wild oregano plant. This essential oil is cold-processed to preserve all the active components of the oil. The resultant product is standard oil of oregano. At this stage the oil is already a very effective form of treatment for all kinds of infections, including bacterial, fungal and parasitic.

oil of oregano
But in the production of Oreganol P73, the processing does not stop there. The regular oil is processed further. It is emulsified using extra virgin olive oil as the carrier. The resulting oil is of high quality and more effective than standard oreganol.

Only 100% Mediterranean oregano is used in the production of Oreganol P73. Genuine oregano grows only under specific soil and climate conditions. You can grow an oregano plant in your own backyard using the same seed but you cannot reproduce the exact quality of the wild oregano plant that grows in the Mediterranean mountains. The hilltops in Greece, Turkey and Portugal have the exact conditions that produce the oregano that contains potent and beneficial compounds.

How Effective Is Oreganol P73?
The potency of Oreganol P73 was tested (in vitro) against other essential oils. The table below shows the result. If the reference number of the essential oil is 1, it means it has the same killing power of phenol. If the number is above 1.0 it is an indication of the antiseptic power of the essential oil greater than that of phenol.

Essential Oil  Reference Number
Phenol  1.0
Lavender 1.6
Lemon 2.2
Citral 5.0
Clove 8.0
Thyme 13.0
Oregano 21.0

Furthermore, volume 228 of the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry published their findings which demonstrated the antifungal activities of Oreganol P73 against Candida albicans.

How The Active Components Of Oreganol P73 Are Constituted
The typical oil of oregano has two active substances. These are carvacrol and thymol. With Oreganol P73, the contents of these two potent substances are carefully designed.

A) Carvacrol – what makes P73 oregano oil a high-quality oil is that its carvacrol contents is more than 64%. This amount distinguishes it from standard oil of oregano.
B) Thymol – this chemical is harmful to humans therefore an effective oregano oil must contain only a small amount of this substance. Oreganol P73 contains less than 5% of this chemical. Other brands of oregano oil can contain much more than this amount.
C) There are 50 other substances identified in this P73 oil blend.

Oreganol P73 Does Not Kill Good Bacteria
Unlike the typical antibiotic which does not discriminate between good and bad bacteria, Oreganol P73 will not disrupt the balance of friendly bacteria in your system. A study entitled “Inhibitory and Stimulatory Effects of Oregano on Lactobacillus Plantarum and Pediococcus Cerveisiae” done by Laura L. Zaika and John C. Kissinger stated that “although oregano can be bactericidal toward lactic acid bacteria, these organisms (friendly bacteria) can become resistant towards the effect of oregano.”

These findings show that there is no need for you to take probiotics when taking Oreganol P73.

Safe Even For Children
North American Herb & Spice says that you can safely give this oil to your children as long as they are the proper dosages. They issued the following guidelines for children.

Age  P73 Dosage
6 months to 2 years  1 drop in milk or juice, once a day for a maximum period of 10 days. 
2 to 5 years  1 drop in milk or juice, once a day, with no restrictions on the number of days. Take it preferably with food in stomach. 
6 to 10 years  1 to 3 drops in juice, once a day and no restriction on number of days. Take it with food in stomach. 
10 years and older  3 drops in juice or under the tongue, and three times a day can be allowed. Take it with food in stomach. 

When giving oregano oil to your children, keep it away from their eyes. The active components of this oil will cause burning sensations and may adversely affect their vision.

Contra Indications
There is a certain medical condition that may be affected if Oreganol P73 is used.

• Those who are taking blood thinners such as Cumadin should consult their doctors before taking any amount of this essential oil. It has a naturally occurring blood-thinning property and could affect the functioning of your medication.

Other than that, most medical practitioners are of the consensus that “there is no known reason to expect a clinically significant interaction with oregano.” So says the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. This database was compiled by the editors of Pharmacist’s Letter and Prescriber’s Letter. It is available online at www.naturaldatabase.com.

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