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Treat Sore Throat with Oil of Oregano

Usually, one of the first things you will feel before you catch the common cold is a sore throat. You will feel discomfort, scratchiness and pain in the throat as you try to swallow. This condition is brought about by the inflammation either of the larynx, tonsils or the pharynx. The scratching sensation is usually felt at the back of the throat. Sometimes it is accompanied by tenderness in the neck.

Other symptoms that may indicate you have a sore throat include hoarseness, swollen lymph nodes, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, mild fever, sluggishness and lack of energy.

Two Types of Sore Throats
Most people assume that there is only one kind of sore throat. Technically, there are two types. One is caused by a virus and the other is caused by the streptococcus bacterium. The latter is also called strep throat to distinguish it from the common sore throat. It is a more serious condition and is harder to treat.

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Typical Causes of Sore Throat
Sore throat can be caused by a number of things.

• The most common are viruses that cause mononucleosis and the flu. Some of these viruses can also cause blisters in the mouth and the throat.
• Another cause is smoking, which results in the dryness of the throat.
• Breathing through the mouth also causes throat dryness.
• Using antibiotics for treatment sometimes produces sore throat side effects.
• It can also be due to bacterial infection. The most common bacterium that causes sore throat is Streptococcus. But another harmful microbe, Arcanobacterium haemolyticum, also causes sore throat, primarily among adults.

It should be noted that a chronic sore throat that lasts for more than two weeks is something to be concerned about. This can be a sign of a more serious illness like throat cancer. Therefore, you should not take it lightly if your sore throat is taking too long to heal.

Typical Treatments for Sore Throat
A number of treatments are usually prescribed for this condition. They are the following:

• Antibiotics – if the sore throat is diagnosed to be caused by bacteria, the patient will be given antibiotics such as amoxicillin, penicillin or cephalexin. These will be taken for a week or so and the patient will be advised to continue taking the drug until the number of days is completed.
• Throat lonzenges – these are easily available at drug stores and can also help in soothing sore throat. They are available in different flavors.
• Commercial gargles – these mouthwashes contain antibacterial substances and can also help to control the bacteria that cause sore throat.

You also have to keep in mind that most of these products are made of synthesized chemicals and may have side effects. Thankfully, there are now sore throat treatments made of organic substances that are safer to use. One of the most effective of these treatments is oil of oregano.

Oil of Oregano is Safer and More Effective
Oil of oregano is a well known organic product that is used for treating many types of diseases caused by harmful pathogens. It contains many phytochemicals, phenols and flavinoids that can kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. There are also significant amounts of nutrients, like minerals, vitamins and trace elements ,that can help strengthen one’s immunity to disease.

Most of the conventional treatments for sore throat only treats one aspect of the problem – pathogens – but does not strengthen the immune system. Oil of oregano treats sore throat by killing the bacteria or virus that cause the condition and it also boosts the body’s defense against these pathogens.

How Does Oregano Oil Treat Sore Throat?
The ability of oregano oil to fight germs and strengthen the immune system is due to the powerful chemical compounds that it contains. This oil essence contains very potent phytochemicals. Among these are carvacrol and thymol, which are its two active agents that are responsible for killing bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses.

The carvacrol content of oil of oregano is about 79% while that of thymol is about 6%. Other phenols include linalool, trepinine, linalyl acetate, caryophyllene, pinene, borneol, cymene, bisabolene,myrcene and geranyl acetate.

Oil of oregano also contains significant amounts of nutrients which can help the body ward off disease effectively. It contains minerals like copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, boron and potassium. There are also considerable amounts of vitamins C, A (beta carotene) and D.

These are the chemical compounds that make oil of oregano effective in treating many types of ailments, including sore throat.

What is the Best Oil of Oregano?
Since there are many brands of oregano oil in the market, it is recommended that you buy the authentic oil essence. You should use oil of oregano that is extracted from the crushed leaves of the wild oregano plant, Origanum vulgare. These plants grow in the mountaintops of Greece, Turkey and Portugal. The rich soil minerals and the inhospitable weather in these places are believed to be the reasons why this essential oil has so many potent substances. This plant can be grown in other places, but the oil extracted from their leaves is not as good as those from the authentic plant.

Wild oregano plant is cultivated without using chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. In addition, the essential oil is extracted by cold process only, without the use of heat or chemicals, in order to preserve the potencies of all its chemical compounds. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting an all natural product when you buy authentic oil of oregano.

Using Oil of Oregano for Sore Throat
Here is an effective way of using oregano oil to relieve your sore throat.

• You should begin taking this oil essence at the first signs of sore throat. Don’t wait until it is fully bloomed.
• It takes time to get used to the taste of this essential oil. So, start small by mixing two drops of oregano oil with salt water and gargle this mixture several times during the day. You can make salt water by mixing a reasonable amount of rock salt in a glass of water.
• You can increase the oregano oil dose as you are able to stand its taste.
• Dilute the concentrated oregano oil with virgin olive oil on a one on one basis and put two drops of this mixture under your tongue for several minutes. This will help relieve your sore throat more quickly, and even treat the cold or flu that will accompany it.
• You will notice positive results in just a few hours of taking oil of oregano.

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